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Undeniable - for Percussion Solo and Computer.jpg



for Percussion Solo and Computer Music
Score + Digital Audio Files
Duration: ca. 6’ 05”
For 1 Player

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Program Note

I have an abiding love for my family, and at the same time, I hate them.

As a part of the family, we have been forced to face and assume many duties and ugly naked truths. No one even asked whether we do or not; yet if we resist, we’ll be thought of as displaying unfilial behavior.

So, we hang on this HOME numbly until we could adopt this condition.
“Although we cannot escape from it, we can choose the attitude with which we face this dilemma.”


Undeniable is a contemporary piece for solo percussion and computer music. After purchase, you can download the performance tracks of the work to play along with. 

Performer: Li-Ko Chein