卓綺柔 Chi-Jou Cho

現於美國 Seattle Film Institute 就讀碩士,隨兩次艾美獎得主 Hummie Mann 學習電影配樂。

Chi-Jou Cho, a composer from Taiwan, graduated from Taipei National University of Arts and acquired both Music and New Media Art degrees.

Started studying composing with teacher Chin-Mei Lin and Pei-Yi Jian since senior high school. In college, she kept studying composing with Professor Chin-Mei Lin and studied new media art with Professor Chun-Chi Lin.

During college Chi-Jou Cho not only created and arranged numerous works of various styles and genres but also cooperated with many performers. Moreover, several times she had been invited to interdisciplinary creations.

Currently studying film composition with Hummie Mann at the Seattle film institute in Seattle.